September 11, 2009


Today marks the 8th anniversary of the tragedy that should have forever changed the world. I think for a few months, maybe a year it did. But I think as time has gone by, we have forgotten what took place that September 11th or how it impacted our lives.

I remember getting ready for work that morning, and the news was on. And the broadcast came over of what was taking place. I remember standing there staring at the tv, I think my heart stopped for just a moment. Gazing with confusion. Feeling I really needed to be with people to confirm what I had just seen on television was real. Their was an eery quietness in the office when I arrived. A feeling I will never forget. People standing around with a glazed over look in their eyes. I remember a few of us gathered together right away to pray for what we weren't sure was taking place, but remembering how comforted I was after the prayer... I'm not sure how people endure trials or terrifying situations without Jesus but I am so glad I have him. The comfort He provides that no one else can possibly understand..

The tragedy that took place 8 years ago should remind us how we need to be "On our knees" way more than we are.

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