September 30, 2009

It's lunch time... eat food or make a project ???

Ok... so one of my most favorite places for inspiration and to spend money is and they are having their monthly reveal party tonight @ 10:00 pm. Wendy Rago, ( the unbelieveably talented owner) always has little ways to get us inspired while waiting to see the products that are going to be released that month. Tonight, she is asking you to get your crafty on and make a tiny project. Can't be any larger than 4 x 4. So, there goes my brain.... hummm what to make??? Having to go home at lunch to take care of an errand, figured gee, I should have a little time to get some of my project done. So out comes the paper, scissors, glue, gesso, glimmer mist etc. etc. lol... what a mess I can make in about 20 minutes. Well didn't get it finished, but a good head start. Come back here this evening to see the finished project... And by the way, come by Bad Girls go to the Parlour and join in the VIP party reveal. Oh yea, it's also a costume party, so be sure to dress up...:)

September 27, 2009

MODGE PODGE of Wonderfulness

Recently stopped by one of my favorite stores, Tai Pan Trading Co. in Rancho Cucamonga. It's that kind of a store that gives you goose bumps when you walk in, or in my case causes me to have a hot flash. You have to put several hours aside just to be able to visit all the nooks and crannies filled with goodness. Their decorating team does such a great job of placement and merchandising. And the prices... well let's just say you get a darn good bang for your buck. Both of us LOVING the holidays, my sister and I were enthralled at the decor for the upcoming holidays. From whimsical to country from dramatic to every day use. Can't wait to start decorating for the holidays... guess I better start saving up those pennies for some more trips to Tai Pan. I'm sure I can use another pumpkin or two somewhere in my house.

September 21, 2009

orange, brown, gold & bronze... COLORS OF FALL

.."Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."- Elizabeth Lawrence
It is still warm during the day, but I can smell autumn in the air. Last night it was a bit breezy, someone in the neighborhood actually had their fireplace going and I could smell the wood. I love everything about fall...the colors, the clothing, the food, family seems to spend more time together. Such a comfort time of year. I bought some flowers at the local craft store to make a wreath for my door and Bubba and Noelle thought it was just the right place to sit down. I think the wreath looks prettier on them then the front door. May you take the time to sip on a cup of your favorite warm drink, take a gander outside your window, and enjoy the splendor of the turning of the leaves.

September 20, 2009


This was a quick and easy project I made using a cardboard box, which I cut into equal sizes, then covered with paper of choice. Then I used coffee sleeves for the cd holders. I covered them and glued them in place. And just had fun embellishing everywhere. On the front cover I used a piece of plastic that was from packaging , which my sister saved to later use for altering, but I scavenged it from her.....hee hee. I inked it with Ranger alcohol inks "caramel" for that aged photo negative look. I'm going to use it to store my photo cd's that i have collecting in my desk. My daughter thought this would be a cute Christmas gift idea for her girl friends who have lots of music cd's just lying around. Remember.... think twice before throwing out that trash.... hummmm what treasure can I make from that.... Have fun

Confessions of a sugarholic

Well it's that time of year when the store aisles are full of bags of candy... yummmmmm. One of my biggest weaknesses is SUGAR, any way, shape or form, could be baked, sprinkled, dipped, doesn't really matter. I have always had this insane sweet tooth that I inherited from my daddy. And now with the holidays approaching, well, what can I say. So here is a glimpse of a couple of bags to start of the season, even though, these bags will never make it to October 31st for the little trick or treaters... bwahahahaha

September 14, 2009

Been getting my hands dirty lately....

A simple way for me to bring my family to work with me, I made this to have on my desk at work. I work for Verizon, so Graphic 45 line of "Communique" was a perfect choice of paper to use for this project. Loaded all kinds of embellies which include, rhinestones, lace, grungeboard, crocheted flowers (made by myself), chipboard, Tim Holtz fragments, ribbon, engraved metal labels made on my Pazzles machine, dew drops, and a whole lot more. Doused with a good supply of Tattered angels spray and frosted the edges with my fav distressed ink (black soot)... What fun this was... The Scrapping Lounge/Montclair, CA hosted a scavenger hunt, which required items be located and then you were given a week to create a project with the items. I chose to make a book with a niche which provided a home for some special pictures of my brother. Some of the items that were on the list were, bobby pins, nails, washers, nut & bolts, wire, jewelry, popsicle stick, toothpicks, doily, Starbuck coffee sleeve, corrugated cardboard, paint brush, coffee filter, aluminum foil, hook & eye, snaps, brads, binder clips, paper clips, postmarked stamp, envelope, concert tickets, and a whole lot more. The book was found at a local junk store, in which I cut a niche in both sides, used distressed inks to complete that grundged, aged look. Ranger alcohol inks were used to provide staining. I used glimmer mist to the doily and sheet music for added sparkle. Engraving of tag was made with Pazzles machine. ...hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it. For "YOUNIQUE" my daughter can be a girly girl at times so this paper bag for her had to be sprinkled with glam. Just had fun being a little crazy with this. Lots of little pockets and pull outs to display special moments with her friends. xoxoxo

September 13, 2009


What a great morning... cool & breezy out... I can feel autumn right around the corner. Working on some projects, but 1st...had to make a stop at my favorite coffee place. I mean Starbucks is o.k., but I "heart" The Coffee Bean. So many franchises closing down though, so I had to drive thru the valley and over mountains to get a cup. But it was worth it. Something about a good cup of coffee that warms your soul. "Prailines and Cream" are you kidding me...yummmmmmm. Whatever it is that warms your soul, take the time to find it... Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

September 11, 2009

love love love this... needed some muse for the weekend ahead... hope y'all grow wings, imagine how high (or low) you can fly...saw this on house of 3 blog... check it out...


Today marks the 8th anniversary of the tragedy that should have forever changed the world. I think for a few months, maybe a year it did. But I think as time has gone by, we have forgotten what took place that September 11th or how it impacted our lives.

I remember getting ready for work that morning, and the news was on. And the broadcast came over of what was taking place. I remember standing there staring at the tv, I think my heart stopped for just a moment. Gazing with confusion. Feeling I really needed to be with people to confirm what I had just seen on television was real. Their was an eery quietness in the office when I arrived. A feeling I will never forget. People standing around with a glazed over look in their eyes. I remember a few of us gathered together right away to pray for what we weren't sure was taking place, but remembering how comforted I was after the prayer... I'm not sure how people endure trials or terrifying situations without Jesus but I am so glad I have him. The comfort He provides that no one else can possibly understand..

The tragedy that took place 8 years ago should remind us how we need to be "On our knees" way more than we are.

September 10, 2009

But mama I wanna scrap too !

The last couple nights has really taken it's toll on my furry children...especially Bubba. He is such a mama's boy. Computer issues have been taking up most of my time the last couple nites, so quality time with my little ones has been scarce. Tonight, I not only finished cleaning up the problems on the p.c. but then (the nerve of me) thought..... gee maybe I will just play a bit with my paper and scissors. Well, not sure if anyone has tried to scrap while having 2 puppies on their lap. Doesn't work real well, glue glider got stuck to Noelle's fur, and well... alcohol inks don't mix well with puppies either. As I concluded, enough is enough, I got up to go clean myself up and when I came back Bubba had decided he was going to guard the craft table from anymore use. No more playing was going to take place, unless it involved throwing a ball. My immediate reaction was can't be serious, you are laying on my "ART"....hahaha....but soon that passed and I knew I just needed to grab my camera and take a couple pictures. Not sure what I would do without these little ones. How wonderful it is to be loved by these precious creatures. I thank God that they are a part of my family now. XOXOXO to my furry ones...

September 3, 2009

Summer is almost over...

Well, summer is almost over and I'm so glad of that. I remember when I used to lay out for hours, rubbing that baby oil, and cocoa butter on me. I remember using nail polish to paint a design on my leg or arm, then peel it off after sunburn set in...homemade Well those daze are gone. My favorite time is spring and fall... gee my flowers don't look as pretty now as they did a few months back. But fall is right around the corner. It will be time to go searching for just the perfect round plump pumpkins to decorate my front porch. I can already smell cinnamon & vanilla candles in my home. Sorry Mr. Sun... but it's time for you to leave now...
art (ärt) noun - supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty.