September 21, 2009

orange, brown, gold & bronze... COLORS OF FALL

.."Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."- Elizabeth Lawrence
It is still warm during the day, but I can smell autumn in the air. Last night it was a bit breezy, someone in the neighborhood actually had their fireplace going and I could smell the wood. I love everything about fall...the colors, the clothing, the food, family seems to spend more time together. Such a comfort time of year. I bought some flowers at the local craft store to make a wreath for my door and Bubba and Noelle thought it was just the right place to sit down. I think the wreath looks prettier on them then the front door. May you take the time to sip on a cup of your favorite warm drink, take a gander outside your window, and enjoy the splendor of the turning of the leaves.

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