August 30, 2009


I have so many projects laying around the house that are half started. I thought means it is so hot outside, today would be a great day to work on one. So I busted out this paper bag book that I started on awhile back, got myself a large iced coffee, turned on some Patti Labelle for the background and went to town. No, I didn't finish it but it is a work in progress... I will post it when I am finished. I believe it has "purse-onaility", and involves pics of one of my favorite subjects, my daughter.

August 28, 2009


There is something about Friday's.... even if you have to work on Saturday... Friday is still special. Tonight I plan on breaking out a bottle of wine, turning on some really good tunes and playing with my paper and scissors. I have the fortunate opportunity to have a room that I have made into my scrapbook room. A place where I sometimes just go in and think, dream, cry, laugh... it's MY place. I think it's real important for everyone to have a place they can call their own. I do share this room with my daughter, she uses the computer and all, but for the most part it is my area, my "Calgon" so to speak (take me away). I have decorated it to fit my whimsical side of my personality, so a warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me when I enter. Kind of like my "Secret Garden". It's in this room that I don't even mind when it is a mess, and that is very unusual for me. I tend to like order and neatness without clutter, well all scrappers know that is merely impossible when crafting. I almost feel like I haven't accomplished anything if a mess hasn't been involved. Now I understand why my mom is such a wonderful cook. It used to bother me on the mess that she made when cooking, didn't realize that she was in a creating mode. Wherever your "place" is, whether big or small, inside or outside, I hope you find it. :)

August 27, 2009


Goody, Goody....I figured it out. Piece of cake... yea I absolutely needed this on my blog though. I can't function without music. Whether cleaning house, cooking, being artsy, whatever the case... music totally brings peace to me. I hope when I go to heaven I will be in the Lord's band or choir or something like that. Anyways, enjoy some of my songs, there will be MORE to come. "Dance like no one is watching"

Gotta have some music...

Ok... I just seem to not be able to function right without tunes, so my job today is to try to figure out how to load a playlist on my blog. Any suggestions, remember, I am a new blogger here.

August 26, 2009


The Scrapping Lounge/Montclair, CA hosted a scavenger hunt, which required items be located and then you were given a week to create a project with the items. I chose to make a book with a niche which provided a home for some special pictures of my brother. Some of the items that were on the list were, bobby pins, nails, washers, nut & bolts, wire, jewelry, popsicle stick, toothpicks, doily, Starbuck coffee sleeve, corrugated cardboard, paint brush, coffee filter, aluminum foil, hook & eye, snaps, brads, binder clips, paper clips, postmarked stamp, envelope, concert tickets, and a whole lot more. The book was found at a local junk store, in which I cut a niche in both sides, used distressed inks to complete that grundged, aged look. Ranger alcohol inks were used to provide staining. I used glimmer mist to the doily and sheet music for added sparkle. Engraving of tag was made with Pazzles machine. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.

My 1st day at school....

How very scary.... but exciting. This only took me about 3 days of figuring out gadgets, and html and etc. etc. but it has been fun. Here is my 1st post..... gee, what do I say. Me lost for words, that's hard to believe. Well can't wait to start downloading some pictures.... This should be fun... Hope you enjoy this with me.... :0)
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