March 23, 2010


Hi bloggers... I know.... I've been gone for a bit, but for good reason. I recently moved and if you have ever moved before than you know how much work is involved. A pile to throw away, a pile to give away, a pile to storeaway, and a pile to keep and find a place for it. Well the move took a longer than I hoped for and in the midst of all that I had a little mis-hap with my foot, I fractured it.
So on goes the cast and a mild case of depression came over me....There are a few very important things in my life and that would be my family, home, independence and my art and crafts. Well whenever you move this is going to effect the family in just the adjusting to the new living conditions. Everyone was a good sport and we all got through that by the grace of God. The home, well, that is getting organized little by little, not at my pace of course...but like my sister keeps reminding me, "in God's time" (thank you Shawn for your encouragment). Due to my accident my independence has also been put to the test. Unable to drive, get up and just "do it"... everything is such an effort, and then getting past the whole feeling like you are imposing on people thing. I am still dealing with that. BUT

the one thing that has always helped in getting me through stressful times is being able to get my hands dirty with my scrapbooking, art or hobbies. And that pretty much came to a halt because of the inconvience of being injured and all. As you can see, boxes and boxes of "my beautiful mess" that needs to find a home so I can continue functioning in this world (hahaha). Well this week, my sister and I went out and purchased homes for all our beauties. New cabinets and containers, and little by little things WILL get put in their place and we can once again CREATE and then her and I both will be easier to live

Stay tuned for big things to come from this garage.....can't wait for this journey :)
art (ärt) noun - supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty.