November 1, 2015

The Journey

Hi's another month and time to alter up something fun for Rhedds Creative Spirit challenge blog.... I saw this YOUTUBE by Tim Coffey where he recycles a cereal box to use it as a canvas and then create a piece using a glue gun for the texture on his images...well I had to try it. 
This is what I started with... 
And this is what I created 
I won't go into great detail with the piece but I do have photos to share of the process. 
First we need to prep the box by covering it in masking tape. 
Next up give your box a coat of black gesso. Using black allows a better coverage of the graphics on the box. Once dry, give it a coat of white gesso. 

 Next up gather your image and mod podge onto your canvas
Now the fun part... are you ready... I probably used 6 glue sticks. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Start tracing over the top of your image. The more detailed you get the better. Watching Tim Coffey do this was amazing... he is so good at it.
 Once your glue is dry coat with white gesso... doesn't that look neat !
Now it's time to get out your sprays, micas, Inka golds, acrylics...  you know all your mixed media wonderfulness and color away. 
 I started with acrylics... some I watered down and allowed to just drip. I then got out my Lindys MoonShadow sprays... They have that beautiful vintage iridescence to them.
I then finished off the tops with Inka Gold in Platinum and Gold. I hope you enjoyed this piece, now check out your pantry for empty canvases... I mean boxes that you can use in your art and have fun ! Be sure to drop by our mixed media & altered blog and post your photo to inspire all of us with your wonderful creations! xoxo Toni


Sammy said...

Oh what a stunning transformation Toni, and thank you so much for showing how you did it! I'd never have guessed the glue trick, but it works so, so beautifully! x

Rupa S said...

I have seen this video too Toni. You have done such a cool piece! Love the shimmer and I wonder how much patience is required to draw those lines with the glue gun!

Sandra Wright said...

Wow Toni, the patience to outline so many images with hot glue,it certainly paid off as the whole piece is totally amazing....the colour sprays are so complimentary to the design....absolutely stunning....xx

Nan Bourdeu said...

Toni, this is sooooo cool I want to try it but the glue gun and me don't have a good relationship! This looks really like fine art and cannot believe how well the glue makes that yummy texture! hugs xx

Elly said...

Just stunning. Love this kind of Hot - Glue Art! ♥

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

A fantastic idea and well worth me having a go at this - beautiful love it hun xx

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