November 12, 2009

Sweet Gifts

Thankful November 12...Bought some fabulous jams from an old retired friend... Boy she would love it if she knew that's what I referred to her I should say lucky, old, retired, friend. Lucky as she is at home doing what she loves. Cooking, crafts, gardening... otherwise known as "The Good Life"... Every year I try to pick up some of her wonderful jams to give as Christmas presents, wrapped together with some french bread (that I happen to make with my bread maker). This makes for a simple but heartfelt gift. Remember this Christmas to try to keep it simple. It's not the price of the gift, but the love that is put into the gift giving that counts. And by the way... the best gift ever was the fact that Jesus was born, "We love because he loved us first. " P.S. Blanca... thank you for the yummies :)

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