November 3, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...

(Thankful on Nov 3) In 1621, a feast took place that was shared between Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians to celebrate the harvest and to give thanks for the bounty of their crops. This month we are to celebrate Thanksgiving and I wanted to take time everyday to reflect upon something that I am thankful for. So many times I get busy with my schedule and do not take time to give praise where praise is due. This morning I awoke to a beautiful morning... the sunrise, the coolness in the air, and something that is rare with me, "a good nights sleep". It's amazing how much energy you have when your body has been rested. I had time to make my pot of coffee and go outside and water all my rose bushes. Then sit a bit and play fetch with my puppies. What a difference a goods nights sleep does for you. Thank you Lord for resting my body and then the gift of life to awake for a new day awaiting.

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Shawn Caro said...

We all need to learn a lesson of thankfulness from your blog! Maybe you should challenge all of us to be thankful every day of the year for something from now on.

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