October 19, 2009


Been down with the flu lately and haven't had a chance to do much blogging, but came upon these pictures I recently took and they so inspired me to write something down. Having something or someone to believe in is so important to me. Can't imagine my life if I didn't have the Lord Jesus in my life. So very blessed to have a heavenly Father that I can go to about everything. Which leads me to the next picture... Joy.... we all have those times when we just don't feel like pulling ourselves out of bed. Recently I've been faced with having to make alot of difficult decisions...Yes, being human, I do tend to worry and stress, but their is a sense of comfort and joy deep down inside that I know is only there because of the Lord. He never promised me that I wouldn't have trials in my life, but He has promised to never leave or forsake me. Which brings me to my last photo...Prayer
Wow, what can I say, do you know the power of prayer? How thankful I am that I have a heavenly father that I can go to anytime day or night and talk to him. Even times I don't know quite what to say... God knows. It is such a comfort inside to know that God hears all my prayers & every prayer is answered accordinging to His will.


MrsJJB1999 said...

I already told Debb ... you two sister need to teach a class... I "need" to come out and play with you both very soon... I am so inspired.

Shawn Caro said...

Amen sister, preach it!!! Love you!

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