September 18, 2014

Let's Be Honest

Hi everyone... Seth Apter is hosting a "Studio Table Reveal" hop  "uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt."
O.k. let's be honest,  our craft rooms don't always look like those pretty craft rooms you see in the magazines, and quite frankly... MOST of the time mine doesn't look like that. It looks like this and I'm fine with that.
I try to leave a little space to actually work, and when my table is too full, the floor becomes a work space also. The other day I actually got up from my chair and stepped into a palette full of wet gesso...ooops. I guess that's what I get for trying to do so many projects at once. I stopped by many of the studio blogs that are joining in on this reveal and it was liberating !!! 
I love to see messy studios, it's inspiring to me and that's just the way I like to work. I like everything at my fingertips. 

Sometimes I do admit that I get a bit frustrated when I have to climb over things to get to what I want but that is part of my creative process, because many times I come upon something else to use that I wasn't even thinking about using originally. 
And then there is always those bag full of art supplies that haven't even made it out of the bags yet to get stored away for use... hahaha this picture made me laugh 
All in all, I love my messy studio, when I moved here the movers just shook their heads because I had over 60 boxes that were marked "craft room" so they thought they should contact "Hoarders Anonymous" for me. 

Well thank you for stopping by and visiting but you need to leave now because I have projects to work on and more messes to make. Thank you Seth for hosting this fun hop !


Dog-Ma said...

Love your comment about all your boxes when you moved. My husband realized on the day we moved into our new house and he was unloading the truck, that probably about a quarter of our boxes belonged in my craft room.

die amelie said...

Wow! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my crackle painboard project, Toni!

I am so glad that it led me to your blog, so I could "find" you and your inspiring art! Your table looks like paradise to me! And your studio looks like a place where any kind of magic can happen! (well, actually, it does ;) . Love it!

Claudia x

Anonymous said...

Love your post and your mess! It's been great taking a peek into everyone's creative work space! :)

Michele said...

I'm inspired too! you are making fabulous creations from this vibrant space! xo

necgmc said...

You are not alone in working in 12 x 12 inches of work space! I am "trying" to clean my craft cave, but have been busy creating! I hope to show before and after pictures soon?

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