December 16, 2013

Christmas Treats

Hi everyone... the Christmas season is definitely upon us and I work retail and my body is really feeling the residual from all the busyness. The employees at the store have been so exhausted and I thought I would make them a batch of what I call "Snowman Poop".... lol... it's something I usually make this tine of year because it's quick and yummy and sometimes you just need a little snack to keep you going. 
Here is the recipe for this fun treat:
Popped corn (salted a bit)
Melted white chocolate chips
Drizzle the melted chocolate over the popcorn and mix to coat. Lay out on wax paper to set and then break apart into pieces.
I filled treat bags with this yummy treat and included a little poem... now I'm not a poet so cut me some slack...
Merry Christmas to you all
And here is the scoop
You've all been naughty
So all you get is Snowman poop
Very simple to make and fun to give and eat. Hope you enjoyed this post and now I'm off to bed. Have a Merry Christmas !

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