May 16, 2018

Message In A Bottle-Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Hi everyone, hope your having a wonderful month of May. Today I'm up on the blog for an Art Anthology Design Team project with a "Message In A Bottle". Loaded with lots of mixed media textures.
Using an old bottle that I had laying around the house and I added a cork to the top, I then began to add beautiful new paints from Art Anthology "Shine". They are dimensional paints with a high gloss, no sparkle and semi-transparent. 

I first prepared my message and adhered in to the inside of the bottle as well as added sand, seashells and Diamond Dust glitter, which provided a pretty water effect. 
Then primed all of the bottle except the front where I wanted to be able to message the message with clear gesso, just to prepare the glass surface for my paint and spray mediums. 

Then it was time to add the Shine Mediums. I used Ocean, Kelly and a bit of Sunrise to the back of the bottle. 
Then floral moss, sea shells, twigs and assorted art stones were added for interest. 

The art stones as well as the moss was sprayed with Minx Shimmering Inks for a gorgeous color. 

Hoping this has brought some new inspiration for your creativity and be sure to get your hands on these new Art Anthology paints. There are so many vibrant colors to choose from. You can go to our store to purchase these HERE

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