March 24, 2018

Find Joy In The Ordinary by Toni

Hi everyone, I'm up on the blog today with a new post and project for Art Anthology's design team. Featuring their wonderful mediums with an addition of beeswax to finish of the piece. 
My foundation was T!m Holtz's mini clip board and I prepped the surface with Mud Paste run through several different stencils. Then a coat of gesso and Stone Effects Lava was painted. I waited for it to be tacky then dabbed a paper towel on the surface and it removed chunks of paint to provide a peeled paint effect. 
Rust Texture Set mixed with sand was added to the metal portions of the board. 
Fun ephemera and metal objects were added to the board for interest always remembering to distress everything. 
Once everything was in place, 3 coats of beeswax was applied for a wonderfully vintaged matt finish. Hope you were inspired by this piece. Would love you to take a moment to view my snapguide tutorial and follow me if you enjoyed my piece. xoxo Toni

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