August 7, 2015

Inspiration Using Chipboard

 Hi everyone...This month at Unruly Paper Arts our theme is "Chip off the old block". Yes... we are focused on Chipboard,  specialty papers such as corrugated cardboard and different ways to utilize them in your art. Chipboard has always been something I have loved to incorporate in my scrapbooking. And now it's more popular than ever to use it in your altered art pieces and mixed media. It provides you with a 3D effect, as well as the chunky texture to your pieces.

What exactly is it. Well it's usually recycled paper it's pressed fiber thick paper. Used on the back of notebooks and is sturdy enough to handle sanding, painting, inking, cover with paper, modeling paste.

In scrapbooking you will for the most part get packages of chipboard pieces that are letters, numbers, shapes etc. and sometimes you end up with an assortment of odds and ends and you don't know what to do with them... DON'T THROW THEM AWAY !!!

I have boxes and boxes of leftover pieces. I seperate them by letters, shapes, numbers etc. These pieces I can collage together for other projects, covering them in gesso and then painting or glittering will give them a new look. 
The letters above obviously were from different sets but can be used all together to create something fun and whimsical. The next few photos I will take each letter and apply a different technique to give ideas of different products to use on them to breath new life into those old chippies. 
Apply modeling paste with stencil to provide texture. Once dry, apply paints, inks or mists to give you a new wanted color. 
The next one I wanted to have a glossy sheen to it. Using 3 coats of UTEE provides that pretty look. 
No project is complete without a little glitter and that is just want this chipboard piece needed for a facelift. 
This piece was sprayed with Lindys and then a nice thick coat of Distress Crackle Paint was given to add that old vintage look. The last two letters I applied chalkboard paint and chalk to decorate, the next one I added sand modeling paste for texture, and the last letter I simply embossed a stamp on the top of my letter. 
Time to go dust off those old chipboard pieces and find a new home for them on a beautiful masterpiece created by you. I hope this has inspired you. For more wonderful ideas and techniques be sure to check out Unruly's blog ALL month long for designer to inspire you with their chipboard makeovers. Happy August !!! xoxo Toni

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Mary Elizabeth said...

How fun!! Love all the different techniques you used on the chipboard letters. And the paint brush and paint drips -- love them. Definitely inspired :) -- Mary Elizabeth

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