March 24, 2014

Steampunking My Walls

I found this cute chipboard mustache at my local craft store for $3.99 and decided it needed  a home on my craft wall. I had recently seen this cool technique on Lost Wax YOUTube and decided this would look great for this piece.

I first painted the entire piece with a coat of black acrylic paint. Then I chose a foam also purchased at the craft store that already had the sticky back on it. Very easy to use and sticks really well. The YOUTUBE video actually suggested to glue the pieces on. Cut your pieces in random shapes and sizes and apply to your mustache. The foam is very pliable so it went around the curved edges very well.

Once again,  the YOUTUBE video suggested using epoxy glue for the rivets, but I decided to use black 3D puff paint. Allow this to dry over night.

Then coat the entire piece one again with a coat of black acrylic paint and allow to dry completely.
The last step I used Rub N Buff in pewter and antique gold to highlight over the top of the rivets and randomly swiped the mustache for "old vintage" look.
Fun and easy project to go on the wall next to my next project I'm making "Keep Those Creative Wheels Turning" .... stay tuned
Happy Creating :-) Toni

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Candy C said...

Toni... Your steampunk style mustache is really cute! Thanks for sharing the creation process. I also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment ony blog. Hugs, Candy

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