February 24, 2014

Sweet Sentiment

It's that time again to get together with a couple of my dearest sweet friends and I always love putting together something small for them to show them how much I love their friendship. Originally I was going to decorate some paper mache cupcake boxes that I had, but found they were much to small to put a little something in, so I came across a couple paper mache cones that I had and the lids of the cupcake boxes fit perfectly and looked just like ice cream cones and gave me much more room to put a little surprise in each.
The following are the steps I took to create my "Sweet Sentiments :

I first painted both lids to match the color tulle I would be using. I decided to make one pink for strawberry ice cream and the other brown for chocolate (of course)....
I did not have brown tulle ruffle so I had to stain the tulle. I used Lindy's Stamp Gang Dark Truffle Brown and Sandra Dee Sepia. Be sure to use gloves or tongs, this step gets really messy.
Next step I used a product I sell in my Etsy shop, it is Chocolate Mesh fabric...somewhat like burlap. I used a 9"x9" square piece and applied it to the cone using Fabri-Tac.
Using my glue gun I started from the bottom of the lid and glued the ruffled tulle around the lid all the way till I reached the top. This took 6 ft. And to complete my ice cream cone, I glued a red glittered pom pom on the top for a cherry.
This was just the perfect little project to make to wrap a couple little surprises in for my two buddies.

I took a couple of my tea stained tags from my stash (tutorial post for tea staining) and stamped an image from Oxford Impressions "Fairy Sweet" collection, distressed the edges and stained them and added some tiny white flowers to the corners... and there you have it... my sweet sentiment to my sweet friends.
The following products can be purchased in my Etsy shop :

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