December 1, 2012

Christmas Burrrr lap Bags

 It's "Saturday In The Studio" and this week I'm featuring my burrrr lap bags. There are so many uses for these bags. They can be used for every holiday imaginable. I chose to make some gift bags for some co-workers and here is a tutorial to show you the process. The first thing I did was stamped my words using white gesso onto the bags. Acrylic paint works just as well and would probably clean up easier on your stamps than gesso, I just like the way gesso is so thick.

Then I attached the cinnamon sticks to the jute using the following steps. 
Lastly I stapled the jute and my choice of ribbon to the back of the bag just to hold it in place. Wrap the jute first in a regular bow, and then wrap your ribbon around and tie a nice big bow. You don't, of course need to use cinnamon if you choose not to. Some other choices would be, ornaments, bells, candy canes, etc. These bags are really inexpensive and can be customized so easily. They can be purchased here in my Etsy shop for $2.25 and they measure 10" x 10" Use them to fill stocking stuffers, homemade baked goods place a poinsettia plant or mini Christmas tree inside and tie with a festive bow. Hope you were inspired to be creative. xoxo Toni

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Netty said...

Loving your beautiful burlap bags, xx

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