March 29, 2011

Hang In There

Collage Obsession provided an image this week if we wanted to use it and the theme was "Lazy Days", but of course I went in a different direction with this photo. This was so much fun because I made a huge mess, paper and gesso and fibers all over the place.

Ursula (pictured here) is trying to lift someones spirit... hummm... well you know what I mean. Well I hope she lifted yours. Thanks for looking :)

xoxo Toni


Anonymous said...

I like that you did your photo with gesso and paper. It's my first love and I never think about doing these challenges in mixed media ~ just digital.

Very fun.

I shall 'follow' your blog, too!

Kaylene said...

I love your use of the gesso and paper, and Ursula fits in with what you have done.

jacirascrap said...

Toni! Seu estilo é inconfundível! Bonito, marcante! Realmente gosto de visitar seu blog por isso me torno sua seguidora...

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