August 29, 2010

Studio L3 "CC #11" Blended Batik

Where has the time gone... we are already enjoying technique #11 which is Blended Batik... OMGosh how much fun is this... Too cool Sir Tim !

Jump over to Linda's blog for some amazing art inspiration... 88 pieces of art inspiration joined this weeks challenge. HUMMMMMM I would have been 89 but I was a tad late in posting my entry. Well gotta go and look at everyone's batik beauties.... xoxo Toni


Netty said...

Oh Toni its gorgeous. Love it, such great colours and wonderful batik.
Annette x

24 crowns said...

Love the batik Toni love the colors how much fun is this? what a way to spend time on creative things. good for you .Mom

CuddlyBunny said...

Oy! This is wonderful! I love the beads and your Batik-ing!

Rachelle said...

OOOO LaLa, indeed! I love how you did this. It turned out great. Thank you for stopping by my blog and feel free to gain any inspiration you can from my drawer fronts.

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