June 21, 2010

Mixed Media challenge "Something Old"

Mixed Media challenge theme this week is "something old"... but the something old isn't my mommy in the happens to be one of my favorite photos of my mom back in the day, but my something old happens to be the movie film strip that I applied to the layout. On a road trip recently I came upon this wonderful find in an old antique store. 1967 movie film strip.... I was so excited I think I actually screamed a bit when I found it This film strip as well as the handmade flower can be purchased at Studio Garage Band Etsy account.


Cindy said...

Wow, this piece is beyond gorgeous!!! I love the film strip, flower--the entire thing!!! Truly fantastic...I'm speechless!
Cindy Adkins

24 crowns said...

When did you get that pic? beautifully done I do like the flim strip .Mom

Diane said...

Wonderful piece! Diane

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