April 16, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Something that helps my creative juices start to flow is a challenge and I saw this one earlier this year. Being the girly girl I am, and loving clothes I saw this challenge in January and knew it would be fun. I'm a little late in starting it due to my move and injury and well.... life. Dress Up 2010 is the challenge and you are to make a dress each month, you can also make a closet if you like and I liked (although I don't think it's going to be big enough surprise surprise ) So here are my first 2 entries as well as my closet ala trunk..
My January dress was of course a New Years dress coming equipped with a party hat. Dress made from black velvet paper and chiffon for sleeves and ruffle around the dress... Blinged it up a bit with gold and silver .
Febuary was a halter sweetheart dress in honor of Valentines Day. Bodice made from red felt with tutu made from red tule, added white ruffle and some little rhinestones because after all what is Valentines Day without diamonds. Now off to the trunk...
This was a fun project. Purchased a paper mache box @ Michaels Craft Store and decorated the inside of the box first. Added a little chain at the top for a hinge look. Punched holes in the sides of the box to add a dowl to hang the dresses. Ripped masking tape in pieces and applied all over the box to give it some texture. Used several different shades of brown acrylic paint with a little bit of black for depth and painted the entire outside of the box. I did a few coats (allowing drying time in between coats) until I got the color I was looking for. . Now to the fun part.... DETAILING.....I took a strong paper towel and rubbed across the paint to remove some to make it look like old worn out luggage. To give it some personality. Added little travel stamps and then modge podged the entire outside to give it a protective coating.
Alcohol inked grundge board hinges and key hole for the outside... Using, gold, copper and silver mixitives, they provide a antiquey (is that a word) look. Added leather belts to complete the trunk and waa laa...
... Now I just need to do my March and April dress and I will be caught up. On my blog I have listed some of my very favorite challenge blogs that I participate in. Check some of them out. They really do help you step out of your box and do something a little different. Allows you to try out new techniques that you can use in your scrapbooking or card making and helps get that inspiration going... Happy crafting :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just found your link and I see I'm behind in looking at your dresses. Your January and February dresses are lovely and so stylish. Both are so appropriate for their respective months. Loved the little party hat that went with your January dress. It gave me a laugh.

I'm off to see your March dress, now. Hope to get caught up before May gets here in just a few days.

sharon said...

awww I love your little dresses and the closet to put them in. Wish I had seen this challenge when it came out. I just popped by to see you as you had left me a kind comment ( Really like all the sort of stuff you are into.
I am sort of teetering on the edge not quite knowing where to start, which project to do. I want to try them all, but end up doing none!
Anyway, thanks for getting in touch.
Luv Sharon.

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