January 7, 2010

Miss you !!!

Well I know it's already Jan 7th and I haven't posted since the New Years. Started a new job this week and you probably know from my previous post, and well, it's kicking my butt... hahaha... no really... my butt cheeks hurt. UP & DOWN, UP & DOWN on the ladders all day long, walking from one side of the building to the other. Butttttttt I love it. Having so much fun working in a place that I enjoy shopping in so very much. All day long being given the freedom to just create "and getting paid for it". WOW could I ask for anything more. Going to keep this post short tonight as I have already taken Tylenol PM and the drugs are kicking in. Tomorrow I'm going to posts some pics of displays that I have finished in the store. Until then.... yawn, nighty night.

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