August 28, 2009


There is something about Friday's.... even if you have to work on Saturday... Friday is still special. Tonight I plan on breaking out a bottle of wine, turning on some really good tunes and playing with my paper and scissors. I have the fortunate opportunity to have a room that I have made into my scrapbook room. A place where I sometimes just go in and think, dream, cry, laugh... it's MY place. I think it's real important for everyone to have a place they can call their own. I do share this room with my daughter, she uses the computer and all, but for the most part it is my area, my "Calgon" so to speak (take me away). I have decorated it to fit my whimsical side of my personality, so a warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me when I enter. Kind of like my "Secret Garden". It's in this room that I don't even mind when it is a mess, and that is very unusual for me. I tend to like order and neatness without clutter, well all scrappers know that is merely impossible when crafting. I almost feel like I haven't accomplished anything if a mess hasn't been involved. Now I understand why my mom is such a wonderful cook. It used to bother me on the mess that she made when cooking, didn't realize that she was in a creating mode. Wherever your "place" is, whether big or small, inside or outside, I hope you find it. :)

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